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What are your goals?

         TESC programs specifically to the rider! 

    Are you always away showing? No problem. You can have easy access to a program that fits your schedule, fitness level, and goals. 

        Are you new to riding and want to gain the strength you need much faster? TESC will program exercises that will help you learn and connect to the movements and horse more quickly! 

Have you been riding your whole life and feel your body is taking a toll? This is for you!! Prevent injury, keep and get healthier joints and a stronger body through TESC’s programming!


Get Coached by a USEF Professional

Brittany Cacossa is a USEF professional and experienced powerlifter. Have a coach that understands your needs as a rider while giving you the best possible coaching for this sport!


How it works!

You can do this from anywhere in the world!! 

You will receive a questionnaire that will help your coach create a program best suited for you! You will then receive an email asking to download the “True Coach” app so you can receive your program! The app will come with a weeks worth of programming, “how-to" videos and any documents needed to help your training! If you choose to receive nutritional guidance, you will find that on the app too!

Check-ins will take place Sunday evenings. Your program will be reviewed as well as form checks. Videos for form checks will be uploaded to the app. Program updates will be made as needed to create the most success for the athlete! Contact with your coach is made at any time via E-mail or the app!